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Private Coaching

An incredible experience with maximum attention.


Coaching Sportif

Animator and sports coach at Cluc Med for several years Coach and sports massage I am sweet, smiling and polite and I know how to adapt to all your needs.



Trained by the FIGARI Institute and at STAPS.

I am a warm, sweet, smiling and dynamic person.

I am a relaxation masseur, a sports masseur and a sports coach. Fitness Specialist on Deep Muscles, Martial Arts and Tricking (Martial Artistic and Acrobatic Arts). I practice the gentle and / or deep "creative massage" of Sensation SPA.

Our gym

As in a large hotel, come and enjoy our gym with or without private coaching session.  We offer you a whole range of specific services. Just for you or with friends.  Towel, Bottle of water, Tea or coffee, fruits offered.  A range of state-of-the-art appliances and a unique, stimulating and soothing atmosphere.  You can also enjoy our facilities "relaxation": steam, jacuzzi and outdoor sauna (on demand) and of course our men's massages.

Private coaching and Sport massage

Our private coaching is based on a program of Endurance Muscular and Cardio Vascular. A method long used by high level athletes during their physical preparations before competitions. Each session is varied to solicit all muscle groups. The rhythms "cardio" are judiciously chosen. The training is intense but balanced with multiple movements and repetitions and ends with real stretching and stretching sessions. Your Coach will motivate you and accompany you during your program to help you assimilate the right posture, the right movements and make you evolve very quickly.


Prices :


1 coaching: 80 €/ 60 minutes

1 coaching + stretching (30 min): 130 €

1 coaching + 1 sport massage : 150€

10 coaching : 720 € 

10 coaching + 10 stretching: 1200 € / 90 minutes

10 coaching + 10 sport massages (30 min): 1450 € 
20 coaching + 20 sport massages (30 min):   2650 € / 90 minutes 



Our Coach.

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