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Massages performed by the blind people in Asia are well known. This massage in total darkness reproduces this feeling. It is a true original and captivating experience. A gentle and intuitive massage where the massage therapist discovers the body through his hands and not by his sight. Its a sensual massage.

110€/60 min -160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Massage in the Dark

The HotStone massage is a very gentle and relaxing massage. Highly recommended for the jetlags effects. The alternation of the action of the heated stones and the soft hands gives a sensation of well being very nice.

120€/60 min -170€/90 min - 220€/120 min

HotStone Massage

This massage, which is inspired by ancient oriental techniques, is above all a unique experience composed of fluid, round, soft and sensual maneuvers that allow a unique letting go of the body and mind. This massage is particularly recomended with a black soap scrub in the Hammam in option.

Our Specialist, Mounir


110€/60 min -160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Oriental Massage with Butter Oil

The Massage comes straight from Hawaii. This massage is performed mainly with the forearms. It is  fluid, "player" and sensory but also profound. This massage is created to unify and globalize the body. You will feel the unity of your body.

110€/60 min -160€/90 min - 210€/120 min


Traditional Tibetan massage is a great massage performed by our specialist TENZIN. It is a slow all-over body oil massage combined with acupuncture points and reflexology.


The rebalancing energy body felt is surprising. With the massage progressing , the feeling will be stronger.

110€/60 min -160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Traditional Tibetan Massage

Le shiatsu à l'huile est un massage pratiqué au sol sur des points d'acupunctures précis et profonds notamment au niveau des méridiens. L'utilisation de l'huile ajoute une forme de douceur au touché très précis du shiatsu. Ce massage est pratiqué par notre spécialiste, maître Shiatsu, Tenzin, d'origine Tibétaine.


120€/60 min - 170€/90 min - 220€/120 min

Shiatsu with OIL

The Ayurvedic Massage INDIA® is inspired by the ancestral Indian medicine Ayurveda (science of life). This massage is a mixed of abhyanga and Marma techniques.


110€/60 min - 160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Massage India  Ayurveda

The ASIA® massage we have created is a wonderful Traditional Thai Massage. This massage is done with or without oil, is practiced on the ground on a futon. It is at once soft and deep, relaxing and energetic. The benefits of this massage are multiple: the evacuation of stress, the release of tension and muscle stiffness, energy gain and stimulation of the blood and lymphatic circulation. Maximum relaxation and sensations revealed.


110€/60 min - 160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Traditional Thai Massage

It is an energetic and re-balancing massage at the level of the Chakras, with soft and deep music. You will have a wonderful feeling of energy, wholeness and globalization in the pure Taoist tradition.

110€/60 min - 160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Tibetan Massage  with Singing bowls 
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