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Our specific massages are relaxing, deep tissue or sensual.

We have specially created special, original relaxing massages mixed from all over the world. Our therapists will recommend you the massage that will suit you the best. We offer you free stay in our sauna or steam room (subject to availability) and our Jacuzzi Aroma is optional with an additional 15 €.

​The Jacuzzy massage is inspired by the famous Water Shiatsu in Germany. A feeling of regression, of hovering giving a loss of landmarks. It procures a deep and powerful relaxation. This massage begin with a soft massage under the table ans after inside the jacuzzi with pressure and gentle mouvement.​

​120€/60 min - 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

Jacuzzi Massage

Massage on table. Gentle, quiet ans sensual. It's a a perfect re-balance on the  7 Chakras. 

180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

Massage Psycho Corporel
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