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An incredible experience with maximum attention in a little group.




YOGA Tibetan Meditative

Tenzin, our Hatha Yoga Specialist from Tibet. Haṭha yoga, is a particular form of yoga that has been codified in India, before reaching, in the twentieth century, the West. It means "exercise yoga" and mainly concerns spiritual awakening through correct postures (āsana), breathing discipline (prāṇāyāma) and meditation.


1 session: 80 € 


Tenzin also offers traditional Tibetan massage, shiatsu oil and sports massage


Yoga is a discipline born more than 4000 years ago. Its meaning in Sanskrit, the sacred language of Hindus, is: relationship and union, unification of body and mind. The term Hatha Yoga means "exercise yoga". This form of yoga consists in practicing a series of postures (āsanas), combined with breathing exercises (prānāyāma), Its objectives: balance the body and mind by strengthening the main muscle groups of the body, improve the alignment of the body and the breath. There are many postures: the lotus, the tree, the cobra, the turtle, the camel, the rabbit, the candle, the bridge ...



Course sequence

My classes begin with an awareness and an introduction to the savasana: a posture that is practiced lying on the back, the palms of hands to the sky, legs slightly apart, the chin in the direction of the throat , and the basin well anchored in the ground. We then continue with pre-yoga exercises: warm-up and pranayama (work on breathing), greetings to the Sun and the Moon. Then come the postural work, with the realization of asanas (postures). Then we finish another pranayama before the final savasana.


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